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How Will the Pocket Radar™ Change Your Game?

"We've used the Pocket Radar for coaching and scouting since it was first introduced. It's so convenient and easy to use that we have it on the field every day, allowing us to do a better job developing player skills. The small size makes it much easier when we have to travel for scouting. The low price lets us have plenty of radars to go around. We have been so impressed with the Pocket Radar that it has become the only radar gun we use for coaching and scouting."
     Mike Candrea
     Head Softball Coach, University of Arizona
     8-Time National Champion

"The Pocket Radar is so convenient, it's the only radar that I use for my bullpen. At this price, I can have a radar gun wherever I need one."
     Andy Lopez
     Head Baseball Coach, University of Arizona (2012 National Champions)

"We have been working hard to improve our serving game; improving technique, watching video, using statistics, simulating pressure,… Introducing Pocket Radar into our gym was the next step; it has forced us to raise the bar, forced us to think about things in a different way and helped us to realize how we can serve."
     John Dunning
     Head Coach, Women's Volleyball: Stanford University
     4-Time National Champion

"I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with my new Pocket Radar. It is very accurate and sensitive. I have successfully incorporated it into my coaching after suffering through using other radar guns unsuccessfully.
Your gun is even better than an old radar gun I used to use that cost $1500 and it's much more portable.
I highly recommend it to anyone."
     Mike Gennette
     Head Coach, Men's Tennis: California Lutheran University
     President of the USPTA California

"I am a retired police officer in the State of California. During my twenty-seven years as a traffic enforcement officer I also taught other officers all aspects of traffic enforcement including radar familiarization, legality, and operation. I have testified hundreds of times in Superior and Appellate courts regarding radar, its, accuracy, internal workings, and operation. I continue to testify in Superior court as a recognized radar expert. Throughout my career as a traffic officer I also coached youth baseball. When I was introduced to Pocket Radar™ I immediately examined the unit and compared it to police radar that is used by police departments throughout the United States. I found there was no difference and that the accuracy of the Pocket Radar™ was exactly as the police radar. I am amazed that Pocket Radar™ could have such accuracy and yet be so small that it will fit in my shirt pocket. I have used Pocket Radar™ on the baseball field and found it to be the best coaching tool ever developed for baseball. It is extremely accurate, easy to carry, and simple to use."
     Jim Baker
     Rohnert Park Cal Ripkin / Babe Ruth Baseball League
     Coach and former Manager

"Here at Arizona State University softball, we use the Pocket Radar almost daily with our pitchers in teaching them to understand velocity differences. This in turn helps them to better understand pitching technique, arm speed, and effort. Our hitters use the Pocket Radar off the tee to understand swing mechanics, power and effort. Our position players all get measured for arm strength (velocity) at the beginning of the semester and again at the end of the semester. The Pocket Radar allows us to easily test and show immediate results of using proper techniques and the benefits of strength training from start to finish. Our athletes get more motivated when they see positive proven results. The Pocket Radar device helps coaches verify teaching techniques with all positions on the field. This device will help your team get better - be better."
     Clint Myers
     Head Softball Coach, Arizona State University (2008 and 2011 National Champions)

"We have found the Pocket Radar device to be a key tool in training our players from the end line. It provides accurate and quick feedback."
     Russ Rose
     Head Coach, Women's Volleyball: Penn State University
     5-Time National Champion

"The Pocket Radar is a great new scouting tool. It's so convenient that I always take it with me. With all the travel I do as a National Crosschecker, having this ultra compact radar gun makes my job easier."
     Jeff Zona
     Professional Baseball Scout, Washington Nationals

"The Pocket Radar is a great product for all coaches. We use it at practice and on the road recruiting. The convenient size allows us to take it everywhere!"
     Kelly Inouye-Perez
     Head Softball Coach, UCLA (2010 National Champions)

"The Pocket Radar is so compact and easy to use; we now use radar on the field every day. Giving feedback this frequently has enabled us to achieve a level of performance that was not possible before."
     Tim Walton
     Head Softball Coach, University of Florida (WCWS Appearances 2008-2011)

"We use the Pocket Radar to show them the difference between when they serve with pace and the control, and how it affects pace. Immediate non subjective feedback."
     Joe Getzin
     Head Coach, Women's Volleyball: Ole Miss University

"The pocket radar has introduced a new competitive edge in our gym. Athletes are capable of receiving instant and accurate feedback in the areas of which we find to be important in serving. Our players are consistently being challenged to find a delicate balance between speed and accuracy."
     Brittany Dildine
     University of Wisconsin, Assistant Volleyball Coach

"Incredibly accurate – an ability to tell your students how much they have improved every time they come out onto the court."
     Lisa Dodson
     USPTA Pro 1 and Creator of The Total Serve

"Pocket Radar is the best new training tool for lacrosse I've seen in the last 5 years."
     Colin Knightly
     Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse: University of Saint Mary's

"Pocket Radar is such an incredible training tool that it has changed the way I coach."
     Enio Sacilotto
     Assistant Coach, WHL Victoria Royals
     30+ Years Coaching Experience

"I use the Pocket Radar to measure the speed of serves and attacks. It's easy to use, quick, and efficient."
     Mary Andrew
     Director of Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association
     Florida Region Commissioner

"I found the Pocket Radar™ to be very handy, accurate, versatile and easy to use. It's convenient size makes it an excellent assessment tool to be used for games and practice. I used it to check max pitch speeds, monitor pitchers endurance, assess speed differences between types of pitches, check arm speed of position players and measure base runner foot speed on the bases. Best of all you don't have to lug a heavy case around or charge it!"
     Dolf Hes
     Sonoma State University
     Baseball Pitching Coach

"Minnetonka High School Hockey has used the Pocket Radar at our annual skills competition to determine our team's hardest shot and fastest skater. The Pocket Radar is a great tool to use at the ice rink for competition and/or monitoring offseason improvement. I would recommend the Pocket Radar to any youth, high school, junior or college hockey team."
     Brian Urick
     Head Coach, Boy's Hockey: Minnetonka High School

"I am a Vol. Fire Chief near Pittsburgh Pa. In the past several years I have received complaints on how fast some of the fire trucks and ambulances are traveling while responding to emergency calls. I carry my Pocket Radar™ and from time to time stop on the side of the road and time the emergency vehicle as it travels down the road. If you read the news, you will see that there has been some severe accidents involving emergency vehicles while responding to calls, some fatal. Courts are no longer putting up with excessive speeds and finding the drivers guilty – criminally. Along with new training and laws implemented in PA, we are trying to monitor excessive speed. The law in PA states that Ambulances "must stop at every red signal and stop sign and are NOT permitted to travel over the speed limit." Fire trucks are not regulated in this manner, but have to be responsible for the speed they travel considering the traffic conditions such as weather, visibility etc. So, since I have owned my Pocket Radar™, I can know monitor the speeds of the emergency vehicles when I am in the right position. I am happy to say the 99% of the time the drivers are ALL within limits of the law. Once in a while, I find a driver not within the regulations. If the same driver is caught twice, he/she goes back to driver training. So far so good."
     Ron Harvey
     Fire Chief

"We apply the pocket radar™ to scout other teams and simulate the exact speeds with pitching machine to create a more efficient training session.
We are able to dial in the exact speeds to create confidence and awareness of players abilities to play up. We are able to practice "up" to identify who's hands are not ready and get them ready. Our pitchers are now aware of what a quality fastball feels like, and are more aware of the flaws or can focus on specific aspects of their delivery to increase the consistency of the correct feel. The convenience of the pocket radar™, allows for quick and precise feedback without any set up, or controlled environment. An excellent training aid and motivator."
     Tim Greene
     Athletic Training Equipment Company

"Pocket Radar™ has done what Flip did for the video camera by creating… well a pocket radar gun."
     Ben Bowers
     Gear Patrol

"I have been involved in competitive motorsports for over 25 years and in that time I've been fortunate enough to win championships as both a driver and team owner, set racetrack lap records, and work as a crew member on professional motorsports teams. Our team looks for any advantage we can get to beat the competition. To evaluate the performance of our car and driver we use on-board data acquisition, however, we do not have access to the data from our competitors. Pocket Radar™ is changing that. I have used Pocket Radar™ successfully to get valuable information about our competitors' speeds at various locations around the track. Given the small size, affordability and ease of use of the Pocket Radar™ the only problem I see is that now our competitors will probably have them."
     Bill S.
     B-Line Racing
     Team Owner, Race Car Driver, Data Analyst

"At M3 racing, we are looking for every advantage we can possibly find. We need to have the very best equipment and tools available. We also need tools that are quick, compact, accurate and easy to use. We need to know every aspect of our performance. Our corner entrance speed, as well as our exit speed. We need facts to substantiate our adjustments. Speed is our goal. Pocket Radar™ tells us when we have achieved those goals."
     David Mantooth
     M3 Racing Team
     Owner and Driver

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