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Pocket Radar Volleyball Serving Drill Series with Oregon State University Women’s Head Coach, Mark Barnard

Pocket Radar has been a proud partner of the Art of Coaching Volleyball for the past few years.  A coaching clinic series and website that believes there is more than one way to coach the game of volleyball, The Art of Coaching Volleyball has incorporated the Ball Coach radar into drills and sessions helping coaches understand ...Read more.

Pocket Radar Interview Series with the Owner of Total Player Center, Jason Sekany

Pocket Radar sits down with Jason Sekany, Owner of Total Player Center (Livermore, CA), for an in depth interview about his incorporation of the Ball Coach radar in his facility.  Not only is it a valuable tool for providing instant objective feedback for athletes to get better faster, but it is also a helpful tool ...Read more.

Pro Radar System with Smart Display Named Best Of Show at 2016 ABCA Baseball Coaches Convention in Nashville, TN

We are excited to announce that the newest product from Pocket Radar Inc., the Pro Radar System with Smart Display, has been selected as one of the prestigious Best Of Show winners by Collegiate Baseball for the 2016 ABCA Convention. The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) holds an annual convention at the beginning of the year ...Read more.

2013 Women’s Volleyball National Champions Penn State Uses Pocket Radar™ Classic as Training Tool

The Pocket Radar team would like to send congratulations to Russ Rose and the Penn State women’s volleyball team on their Division 1 championship run this past December.  It was exciting seeing the 2 teams competing in the national final, Wisconsin and Penn State, both proud Pocket Radar users.  Penn State has built quite the ...Read more.

Ball Coach™Named Best Of Show at ABCA Baseball Coaches Convention 2014 in Dallas, Texas

We are excited to announce that the brand new product from Pocket Radar Inc., the Ball Coach™, has been selected as one of the prestigious Best Of Show winners by Collegiate Baseball for the 2014 ABCA Convention.  Click Here to check out the Best Of Show article featuring the Ball Coach™ in the January issue of Collegiate ...Read more.

Introducing Ball Coach™: The Radar Gun Designed for Coaching and Training, Brand New for 2014

After working with top coaches from the baseball and softball communities over the past few years and incorporating their feedback, the Ball Coach™ radar was specifically designed to easily measure the speeds of hits and pitches.  It will automatically find the fastest speed of a ball in flight.  This is different from the Pocket Radar Classic model, ...Read more.

Pocket Radar™ Named Official Radar Gun and Training Tool of USA Preps Softball Camps and Tournaments

Pocket Radar, Inc. has partnered with USA Preps to bring versatile speed measurement for skills development to the forefront of athlete training at elite softball camps and tournaments.  USA Preps is the fastest growing Individual Collegiate Instructional Camp™ organization in the world, and Pocket Radar™, the world’s smallest full performance speed radar gun, will be ...Read more.

Pocket Radar™ Helps Youth Baseball Player Make the Summer 2013 All-Star Team

Are you using the Pocket Radar to improve hitting by measuring the Ball Exit Speed off the bat?  If not, you may want to reconsider.  For every 1 MPH increase in Ball Exit Speed off the bat, the hit will travel an extra 5 feet of distance.  That’s the difference between a ball being caught ...Read more.

Pocket Radar™ is a Hitting, Pitching, and Running Training Tool for 9U Youth Travel Baseball Team

Did you know that the Pocket Radar is one of the fastest growing training tools utilized by athletes spanning the globe?  Gone are the days where a radar gun was simply used to measure the speed of a fastball, or used by a police officer to clock a speeding vehicle.  Today’s athletes and coaches know ...Read more.

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