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Another great year in the books for the Pocket Radar team at the annual NFCA Convention

The Pocket Radar team was in New Orleans, LA for the annual NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) convention earlier this month December 8-9.  We look forward to this event every year with great excitement because of the great people, atmosphere and the ability to showcase our new products.  This year we were happy to display ...Read more.

Is a Hard Hit Ball Important? Professional Baseball and Fox Sports Know the Value

Every year, October Baseball comes around and provides great excitement (Giants and Royals anyone?).  The 2014 Postseason hasn’t disappointed, as the remaining teams have provided the sort of excitement we have come to love or loathe (depending on the team you follow). Exciting like the games themselves, the networks airing them always continue to improve ...Read more.

Pocket Radar™ Exhibiting at NFCA Convention 2013 in San Antonio, Texas Dec. 5-6

We are excited to announce that we will be attending the 2013 National Fastpitch Coaches Association convention in San Antonio, Texas on December 5-6.  This will be our 4th year exhibiting for the NFCA crowd, and we can only hope it will be as successful as the previous years. The Convention is very important to ...Read more.

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