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The Ball Coach Radar is now Available Through Dick’s Sporting Goods Online Store

The Ball Coach radar is now available for sale through the Dick’s online store, and includes Free Shipping.  Click Here for purchasing options and start training with instant actionable data at your fingertips today! About Dick’s Sporting Goods: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc. is an authentic full-line sporting goods retailer offering a broad assortment of brand ...Read more.

Ball Coach Model Named the “Official Radar Gun” for USA Preps Softball Camps

Continued partnership based around the education of speed measurement and data for players, parents and coaches. May 1, 2015 –  Pocket Radar, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Ball Coach model will now serve as the “Official Radar Gun” for USA Preps Softball Camps, and be used as a training tool to assess and evaluate ...Read more.

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Model Becomes the “Official Radar Gun” for Triple Crown Sports

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Model Becomes the “Official Radar Gun” for Triple Crown Sports March 12, 2015 (Santa Rosa, CA and Fort Collins, CO) – Triple Crown Sports (TCS), always a cutting-edge leader in the youth sports industry, announced today an exclusive partnership with Pocket Radar’s Ball Coach model to become the Official Radar Gun for ...Read more.

Is a Hard Hit Ball Important? Professional Baseball and Fox Sports Know the Value

Every year, October Baseball comes around and provides great excitement (Giants and Royals anyone?).  The 2014 Postseason hasn’t disappointed, as the remaining teams have provided the sort of excitement we have come to love or loathe (depending on the team you follow). Exciting like the games themselves, the networks airing them always continue to improve ...Read more.

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