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Pocket Radar Products Leave a Footprint Across the World

Above is a map of all the countries that Pocket Radar products have been sold and used. By providing an affordable and convenient solution to pro-performance radar technology, Pocket Radar Inc. has forged a new standard in accurate speed-based training, making it accessible to the masses. Our advanced product line–including the pocket-sized Ball Coach sports radar–is ...Read more.

Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network ‘Spot Starters’ Podcast: “Pocket Radar Discusses the Nuances of Hitting”

Pocket Radar’s CEO Steve Goody and President/COO Chris Stewart appeared on the Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network Podcast (hosted by Austin Carroll) to “discuss common misconceptions related to advanced hitting metrics like exit velocity and bat speed. Pocket Radar has seen a profound shift in recent years as athletes focus on buzzwords sweeping across the league.“  ...Read more.

Pocket Radar Inc. Renews Relationship with NFCA as Official Sponsor

Pocket Radar and NFCA Sign Sponsorship May 22, 2018 Official NFCA Press Release LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The NFCA is excited to have Pocket Radar, Inc. as an official sponsor. Pocket Radar, a speed tracking technology company, has signed a multi-year deal with the Association. “The NFCA would like to ‘welcome-back’ Pocket Radar as an official ...Read more.

Pro Teams and Amateurs in Baseball Using Pocket Radar to Monitor Health and Effort Levels

Because of their compact size, discreetness and pro-level accuracy, our products are the preferred speed measurement tools of many of the top professional baseball organizations across the globe.  They are usually found in the cages or on the field during BP with hitters working on improving their exit velocities, and in the bullpen area with ...Read more.

Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network Podcast: “Pocket Sized Pt. 2”

Pocket Radar’s CEO Steve Goody and President/COO Chris Stewart appeared on the Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network Podcast (hosted by Austin Carroll) to “give some pointers on the proper use of how to use a radar gun and some common issues that arise from improper use. Steve and Chris even tease some of the other topics ...Read more.

Pro Radar System Used at 2018 Stampede High School Softball Tournament in Livermore, CA

Pocket Radar was proud to help out with the 2018 Stampede High School Softball Tournament, held in Livermore, CA from April 5-7th.  We were happy to have them demo our newest product, the Pro Radar System with Smart Display to help bring some meaningful Exit Velocity and Throwing Speed numbers to the event that featured ...Read more.

Pocket Radar Volleyball Serving Drill Series with Oregon State University Women’s Head Coach, Mark Barnard

Pocket Radar has been a proud partner of the Art of Coaching Volleyball for the past few years.  A coaching clinic series and website that believes there is more than one way to coach the game of volleyball, The Art of Coaching Volleyball has incorporated the Ball Coach radar into drills and sessions helping coaches understand ...Read more.

Congrats to Danny Hall on his 1,000th Win as Georgia Tech’s Head Baseball Coach

The team at Pocket Radar would like to congratulate legendary Georgia Tech baseball head coach, Danny Hall, on reaching 1,000 career wins at the school.  An incredible accomplishment by the native of Coolville, Ohio (the same hometown of Pocket Radar co-founder, Chris Stewart) on Tuesday March 20, 2018.  Here is a fantastic write up from Georgia ...Read more.

CEO Steve Goody and President/COO Chris Stewart on Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network Podcast: “Pocket Sized Pt. 1”

Pocket Radar’s CEO Steve Goody and President/COO Chris Stewart appeared on the Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network Podcast (hosted by Austin Carroll) to “discuss how Pocket Radar got started, and what makes their company stand out from the rest.”  Listen to their conversion below (segment starts at minute 12:09) About Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network The Collegiate ...Read more.

Pocket Radar makes 2018 Spring Training appearance in Bradenton, FL

The image above was provided by Pirates Minor League hitting coach, Kory DeHaan, at Spring Training in Bradenton, Florida.  He is working on capturing hitters exit velocities on the field during BP.  Here is his feedback on the product: “The Ball Coach radars have been a tremendous addition to our coaching staff as we continue ...Read more.

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