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Bath Chronicle: Bathampton Community Speedwatch Volunteers Use the Pocket Radar Classic Model to Monitor Speeding Motorists

Pocket Radar’s Classic model is utilized for many applications worldwide.  One such application would be traffic safety and vehicle monitoring.  While traffic and safety professionals have used radar to monitor the speeds of vehicles and bicycles for many years, Pocket Radar now offers easy Doppler speed measurement to these same professionals, as well ordinary citizens concerned ...Read more.

Ben Schmanke of “Authen-Tech” Reviews Pocket Radar’s Classic Model

We recently provided a sample unit of our Pocket Radar Classic model to Authen-Tech’s Ben Schmenke in return for a video review on his tech YouTube channel has over 19 million video views and 47,000+ subscribers.  Check out his channel here: Here are a few excerpts from the video above: “For myself, I’m always testing different ...Read more.

Neighborhood Safety Civilian Uses Pocket Radar™ to Notify Law Enforcement of Speeding Vehicles

  Check out this recent story from BBC News featuring Michael Lacey, an ordinary citizen concerned about neighborhood safety in the UK, who has taken it upon himself to record the speeds of vehicles driving through Beeston in Bedfordshire. After noticing an “alarming” number of speeding vehicles (most of them 30 MPH over the speed ...Read more.

Community Speed Watch Advocates Use the Pocket Radar™ to Monitor Speeding Motorists

Designed and engineered to offer the same great accuracy as other professional radar guns, at a fraction of the size and cost of most bulky radar guns, Pocket Radar allows everyone the opportunity to discreetly measure and monitor speed.  In addition to being a training tool of choice for championship teams in many different sports, ...Read more.

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