Ball Coach™: Training Tool for Baseball Coaches and Athletes

Specifically designed to easily measure the fastest speed of a baseball in flight.

- Accuracy Video Test

“The Ball Coach provides easy and accurate speed measurement of pitching and hitting skills. Innovative features and small size make it the perfect radar gun. With the deep memory and hands free Constant-On Mode, it is the ideal training tool on the field and in the bullpen and cages every day. If you are looking to elevate player performance, you need to own the Ball Coach.

Andy Lopez


-Andy Lopez, University of Arizona
3 Time Div. 1 National Coach of the Year
2 National Championships (1992 and 2012)

“I love it. We use it to spot-check our pitchers in the cages, during pens, etc. It is much improved from the last version. Job well done.”

Baseball coaches head shots, plus one player, 11/19/09_Mike Dickbernd



-Tracy Smith, Arizona State University
2013 National Coach of the Year

 “When it comes to hitting, ball exit speed off the bat is what it’s all about. Using the Ball Coach radar with professional hitters and youth hitters, I’ve learned that players at all levels need instant feedback to improve in the shortest amount of time. I love the Ball Coach radar’s convenient size and ease of use. I tested it against the other pro radar guns and the speeds were dead on. It stuns me that most people in baseball still don’t measure exit speed. Everyone knows what a 90 mph pitch looks like, but they don’t know what a good exit speed is. An extra 1 to 2 mph can make a completely different hitter.  If you want to become a better hitter, you need to start measuring your ball exit speed.”




-Dante Bichette, Former Pro Baseball Player
2013 Rockies Hitting Coach

“I use the Ball Coach radar every day at practice.  It has the same accuracy as our other pro radar guns, but is much more convenient and discreet.  The hands-free mode keeps my entire focus on the athlete while still giving me the valuable speed readings I need.  This allows me to study player mechanics instead of focusing all of my attention on operating the radar gun.  After we’re finished, I access the memory to review and give the players feedback on their results.  They understand the importance of being able to know their numbers, and what they need to work on to improve.  The Ball Coach radar will help athletes get better at a faster rate and improve confidence in their abilities.”

Jerry Weinstein




-Jerry Weinstein, Rockies Offensive Coordinator
Over 40 years of coaching experience

“I have been fortunate to have a Pocket Radar in my possession for the last three years and cannot express enough it’s value to my philosophy and pitching plan. There is not a better tool to instruct your pitchers in the ability of changing speeds and disrupting timing. The Pocket Radar is a perfect name for that is where it resides. At a moments notice it can be utilized to give exact speed measurements to my pitcher.  Now the group at Pocket Radar have taken it a step further with the NEW Ball Coach model making this an absolute no brainer. There is no practice necessary, just point and push. Great job guys! Both my pitchers and I thank you for such a valuable tool. We appreciate your commitment to improve a product that is already the easiest and most convenient of its kind.  If you are committed to giving your pitchers the best you have to offer, you need this product/tool in your pocket!”

(Fred Corral)



-Fred Corral, University of Georgia
Pitching Coach


The Ball Coach™ is the ideal Coaching and Training Tool: Accurate, Convenient, Discreet and Ultra-Rugged:  


rays_BallCoach  Range: Ball Speed from 120 feet Away

rays_BallCoach  25 to 130 MPH (Accuracy +/- 1 MPH)

rays_BallCoach  Recall Memory: 25 speed readings

rays_BallCoach  Size: 4.7 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches

rays_BallCoach  Weight: 4.5 ounces with batteries

rays_BallCoach  Battery Life (Typical Use):

Manual Trigger Mode > 2,000 Readings

Constant-On Mode > 1 Hour

with 2 new alkaline AAA batteries (included)

or 2 new NiMH rechargeable batteries (not included)

rays_BallCoach  Product Includes:

Belt Holster Case, Wrist Strap, Quick Start Guide

rays_BallCoach  2 Year Warranty

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