About Us

About Pocket Radar, Inc.

Based in Santa Rosa, Calif., Pocket Radar, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures revolutionary speed tracking technology for a wide range of applications. By providing an affordable and convenient solution to pro-performance radar technology, they have forged a new standard in accurate speed based training making it accessible to the masses. Their advanced product line, including the pocket-sized Ball Coach™ sports radar, is used to train with immediate objective feedback by everyone from MLB coaches to youth sports athletes. Easy to use and rugged enough for professionals and amateurs alike, Pocket Radar is ushering in a new era in speed radar technology to transform the way in which players, coaches, fans and everyday consumers understand the importance of metrics and data. The Pocket Radar technology has been independently tested and certified accurate by the official test lab for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, (IACP). The same laboratory that certifies all of the radar guns for use by law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada. With multiple products designed for all areas of speed measurement, Pocket Radar, Inc. provides full-sized performance in palm-sized packages.

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