Pocket Radar Volleyball Serving Drill Series with Oregon State University Women’s Head Coach, Mark Barnard

Pocket Radar has been a proud partner of the Art of Coaching Volleyball for the past few years.  A coaching clinic series and website that believes there is more than one way to coach the game of volleyball, The Art of Coaching Volleyball has incorporated the Ball Coach radar into drills and sessions helping coaches understand the importance behind speed measurement during training.  Here is a little more background about the Art of Coaching Volleyball:

The Art of Coaching Volleyball launched an annual series of coaching clinics in 2011 and later created a website where coaches could find the resources they need to help their players and teams improve.  These include drills, tactics, techniques, philosophies, fitness tips, nutritional advice and mental training.  It not only draws from the collective data bank of Russ Rose, John Dunning and Terry Liskevych, but also valuable input from numerous coaches across the country who have mentored players at every level and every age.  The Art of Coaching Volleyball was built to produce a steady flow of good ideas from expert sources in the hope that each coach will use that information to chart his or her own path.  www.theartofcoachingvolleyball.com

Recently, The Art of Coaching Volleyball put together a 5 part video drill series featuring Mark Barnard, head coach of the Oregon State Women’s Volleyball team.  Each video includes Coach Barnard describing the drill, and showing how it is performed in practice.

1.  6v6 Wash Drill

2.  Skins Drill

3.  Serving Knock Out Drill

4.  HORSE Drill

5.  500 Drill


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