Ben Schmanke of “Authen-Tech” Reviews Pocket Radar’s Classic Model

We recently provided a sample unit of our Pocket Radar Classic model to Authen-Tech’s Ben Schmenke in return for a video review on his tech YouTube channel has over 19 million video views and 47,000+ subscribers.  Check out his channel here:

Here are a few excerpts from the video above:

“For myself, I’m always testing different scooters, R/C cars and Drones.  Now I finally have a tool to accurately test those speeds.”

“This is perfect for R/C hobbies, vehicle speeds, bicycles/scooters, runners and more.  It’s super easy to use.  Just press the Red button to capture an instantaneous reading or hold the button to continuously give you a new reading every 3/4 of a second.”

“I love the small, portable and subtle size of the Pocket Radar (Classic model).  As the name states, it easily fits in your pocket and it’s inconspicuous, unlike those other larger radar guns that really stick out.  If you’re trying to capture a vehicle without them knowing, this is perfect.”

Bulky and expensive radar guns are now a thing of the past. The Pocket Radar Classic model is a pocket-sized general purpose speed radar gun that can be used for many uses including traffic safety, radio controlled hobbies, motorsports, neighborhood safety, industrial safety, scientific research and much more. You decide what to measure and when, using one of two modes – snapshot or repeating – to accurately monitor the speeds of vehicles, radio controlled planes/cars, runners and any other moving object from 7-375 MPH (11-600 KPH).  If you want to measure Ball Speeds, then our Ball Coach™ sports radar is a better choice. Measures: 7 to 375 MPH (11 to 600 KPH), Accurate to within +/- 1 mph, it gives over 10,000 readings on a single set of batteries.

If you have any questions or would like to share your Pocket Radar stories, please give is a call toll-free at 888-381-2672 from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, or e-mail us at


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