Ball Coach Radar and Zepp 2 Hitting Bundle Now Available in the Pocket Radar Store

Ball Coach Radar and Zepp 2 Hitting Bundle

The Ball Coach Radar and Zepp 2 Hitting Bundle is Now Available in the Pocket Radar Online Store:  Pocket Radar™ and Zepp™ have partnered together to bring you a revolutionary training system to improve your hitting game.  The Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer provides 3D Swing Analysis that measures important aspects of your swing; bat speed, hand speed, time-to-impact, attack angle and more.  The Ball Coach radar measures Ball Exit Velocity off the bat, which is the direct measure of the power behind a hit.  Click Here to see a comparison of Zepp 1 vs. Zepp 2 sensors.

Here is some more info about the second generation sensor from Zepp:

Zepp 2 Sensor

3D Swing Analysis Measure important aspects of your swing: bat speed, hand speed, attack angle, time-to-impact, and bat angle. Then review your swing in 3D from any angle. Zepp’s Auto-Video Capture will even record your swing so you can compare your data with video of your actual swing.

Instant Evaluations Receive instant analysis and evaluations that help you focus your training. Just take a few quick swings Zepp will process thousands of data points to identify the right training program, just for you. Then Test your swing too see how much you’ve improved and where you should focus you training next.

How It Works The Zepp sensor easily attaches to any baseball or softball bat—using the included bat mount—captures over 1,000 data points per second, and wirelessly sends that info to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth after every swing. The Zepp sensor is also compatible with other Zepp sport apps: Zepp Golf (golf glove mount sold separately). Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android.

See your swing in 3D from any angle on your iPhone, iPad or Android device


Here is a video featuring the Zepp 1 sensor and the Ball Coach radar used in practice with former professional ballplayer, J.T. Snow.


The Ball Coach radar and Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer are available at a special bundled price through the Pocket Radar webstore located here:  Ball Coach and Zepp 2 Special Bundle

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More information on the Ball Coach:

The ability to evaluate skill level with instant and unbiased feedback requires a top tier performance training tool. That’s why Pocket Radar, Inc. created the pro-level Ball Coach radar. It’s a speed training tool for player development through one-on-one coaching or self-guided drills and hands-free operation keeps it simple. By making crucial results like hitting power, pitching speeds, throwing speeds, serving speeds and shot speeds instantly visible, the Ball Coach is the easy way to get better faster. Powerful features include hands-free Constant-On Mode (put all your focus on coaching and training, not the radar gun), easy automatic triggering (simply hold button down and release when speed appears) and built-in memory with the previous 25 speeds (keep track and review training lessons).


Professionals and amateurs across multiple sports are currently using the Ball Coach radar to improve performance and skill level with instant and accurate feedback. It has become the convenient speed radar and training tool of choice among collegiate coaches, high school coaches, travel ball coaches, club coaches, recruiters, parents and athletes worldwide. Easily measure baseball and softball hitting and pitching speeds, volleyball and tennis serve speeds, hockey and lacrosse shot speeds, and cricket bowler speeds. Built from the same high-impact plastic as hockey helmets, the Ball Coach is rugged enough to perform well in even the most demanding sports environments, with pro-level accuracy. Named Best of Show at the 2014 American Baseball Coaches Association national convention, the Ball Coach is the first pro-level radar gun specifically designed for coaching and training.


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