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Marco Rivera, Youth Baseball Father and Coach, Reviews the Ball Coach Radar

We love hearing feedback from users of our products. We recently sat down with Marco Rivera, a youth parent and coach, who went in depth with us about how he has been incorporating the Ball Coach radar into his training and coaching lessons with his son and teammates.  Hear what he has to say about the ...Read more.

“Stan Lee’s Superhumans” Season 3 Finale on H2 History Channel gets Pocket Radar Speed Certified

If you tuned in Thursday September 17th at 7 p.m. PST to H2 History Channel, you would have been hard pressed to miss Pocket Radar featured on the Season 3 Finale of “Stan Lee’s Superhumans.”  The Pocket Radar Classic model was the speed measurement tool of choice capturing Joel King on his super-powered skateboard as ...Read more.

Baseball and Softball Association in Africa Uses New Ball Coach Radar to Help with Training

The new Ball Coach radar model continues to find a home across the globe, now with a stop at the Uganda Baseball and Softball Association. Check out the video above featuring Chairman of UBASA Mr Mukobhe George Willison. They recently opened a historic new baseball and softball stadium. If you would like to connect with ...Read more.

Do you know your Ball Exit Speed? It’s now included in the NFCA Testing Measurables for Softball Recruiting 2014

As the education of Ball Exit Speed continues to spread throughout baseball and softball, we are very excited to see it being included as a Testing Measurable in the 2014 NFCA (National Fastpitch Coaches Association) Top Recruit camps magazine.  Written by Rachel Hanson, who recently switched head coaching duties from Dartmouth to Stanford, the NFCA Testing Measurables ...Read more.

Ball Coach Radar Featured in Season Finale of BPUTV on FSNAZ and MASN

The new Ball Coach™ radar from Pocket Radar was featured in the 2014 Season Finale of  BPUTV (Baseball Player University), that aired on Fox Sports Network Arizona and MASN. Hosted by former professional and collegiate coach, Jeff Forney, BPUTV features segments focusing on baseball training tips for hitters, pitchers and fielders.  It also features segments ...Read more.

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