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Pocket Radar™ is a Hitting, Pitching, and Running Training Tool for 9U Youth Travel Baseball Team

Did you know that the Pocket Radar is one of the fastest growing training tools utilized by athletes spanning the globe?  Gone are the days where a radar gun was simply used to measure the speed of a fastball, or used by a police officer to clock a speeding vehicle.  Today’s athletes and coaches know ...Read more.

Guinness Book of World Record Holder, Michael Coyne, uses Pocket Radar™ for New Luge World Record Attempt

Pocket Radar™ was recently contacted by a current world record holder looking for a training tool that would help in achieving a new luge world record.  Michael Coyne, Team Leader for Expedition Outreach, set the Guinness Book World Record for the Highest Altitude Luge run down Mount Chacaltaya in Bolivia from 17,200 feet altitude on July 18th, ...Read more.

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